Credit Starter Loan

Find quick answers to all your Credit Starter loan questions.

Managing your Credit Starter Loan:

When will I get my prepaid card?

We will post your prepaid card out to you once you have signed your loan agreement. Please allow 5-7 working days for the card to arrive in case of any postal delays.

How do I activate my prepaid card?

You cannot spend the credit on your prepaid card until it is activated.

To activate your card, simply head to and follow the instructions there. It’ll only take a minute!

Where can I spend the credit on the Credit Starter Loan prepaid card?

You can spend the credit in any of our approved retailers. Purchases can be made either online or in store.

These retailers are subject to change.

How do I get help with my Credit Starter Loan?

If you want to check the remaining balance on your card, or if you have any issues using your card, please log into your EML card account at

What If I have further questions?

Email us at with any queries. Please include your Customer Number in the email to help locate your account. Your Customer Number is on your loan agreement and other letters and emails. This is a 9 digit number starting with '2'.

About the Credit Starter Loan:

What is a Credit Starter Loan?

A one-off loan of £500 with 0% APR charged. This is not a cash loan; funds will be delivered to you via a physical prepaid card which allows you to shop online and in store with our partner retailers.

The Credit Starter Loan is offered as part of the No Interest Loan (NILS) pilot scheme.

Who is my loan with?

Your loan is with Fair for You. Fair for You is one of a number of lenders who are participating in the NILS pilot scheme.

What does it mean that it is a pilot scheme?

This is essentially an experiment! We are trying to learn as much as possible about how offering 0% APR loans can support people. This means that there is quite a lot of research happening throughout the pilot.