4 hidden monthly bills you had no idea you were paying

October 3, 2022 • Chris Bardsley

When you have numerous bills and subscriptions to pay, it’s easy to lose track of your expenses. Hidden costs can work their way into your payments and catch you off guard. From service fees to add-ons, there are plenty of costs to watch out for in your bills. Let’s take a closer look at hidden fees and where you could be caught out.

What are hidden costs, and how can you identify them?

Hidden costs are those expenses that are not immediately apparent but can have a significant impact on your overall budget. They can catch you off guard and leave you with higher bills than first expected. For example, if you're planning to purchase a car, you'll need to factor in tax, the cost of insurance, fuel, and maintenance. If it’s your first time renting a house or flat, it’s not as simple as just paying your rent - you'll often need to pay a deposit (usually a month’s rent up-front) as well as factoring in gas, electricity, internet, council tax and much more.

While some hidden costs are fixed, others can vary depending on your lifestyle (like petrol or groceries). It's important to be aware of all the potential costs you may incur every month, to plan accordingly and stay on budget.

We often find that the best way to avoid being surprised by hidden costs is to talk to friends and family that have had similar experiences.They’ll know the costs that you might come across, and give you an idea of the expenses you need to factor in. Once you're aware of the potential costs, you can budget for them accordingly.

It’s also a great idea to track your spending for a month or two and check your receipts thoroughly. Look out for service fees, charges or anything that you can’t remember spending. This will give you a good idea of where your money is going, what expenses you're incurring on a regular basis, and whether any of these could be avoided. From there, you can adjust your budget to account for these costs.

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Avoiding common hidden fees in your bills

Hidden subscriptions in your phone bill

Your phone bill may seem like a simple monthly statement, but it can actually be quite complex. In addition to your basic service charges, your bill may include various hidden fees and subscriptions. These fees can add up quickly, so it's important to understand what they are and how they're calculated.

One common type of hidden fee is simply a "service charge." Your service provider typically charges for access to their network or customer support. They can vary greatly in amount, so it's important to check with your provider to see how much they're charging you.

Another common type of hidden fee is a "recurring subscription." These are charges that are added to your bill each month for things like premium services or content. For example, in many cases, we find that people sign up for a subscription to an app that their children love - but as what seems to always be the case, their attention turns to a new app, leaving a recurring bill that is easy to be forgotten about!

Some of these subscriptions may be optional - like apps, while others may be required to use certain features of your phone. Make sure you understand the features and functionality of your phone before you buy it - it could save you in the long run.

All these hidden fees can add up quickly, so it's important to be aware of them when reviewing your phone bill. By understanding all the charges on your bill, you can help to keep your monthly costs under control. Contact your service provider for more information if you're ever unsure about a charge.

Expensive extras on dating apps

Dating apps are a great way to meet new people but they can also be very expensive. Many apps charge hidden fees for things like super likes and profile views. Some dating apps even charge a premium monthly subscription fee, which can be quite expensive. Other apps may charge per message or per-view fee.

Some dating apps offer a free trial period, during which you can use the app for free. However, it’s easy to forget that you’re signed up to the premium version or paying for monthly extras that can be a pain to cancel, so it's important to read the terms and conditions before you start using the app.

Paying extra for extra storage

You might not realise you're paying extra for virtual storage on your phone or computer. Often, this is a small payment that comes out of your account every month and can quickly add up. Many companies will try to sell you this service as a way to save money on your phone or computer's hard drive space.

You could end up saving the entire amount simply by deleting those old photos that you’ll never look at, or even running through the older messages on your phone that you don’t need any more.

Upfront payments that go under the radar

Upfront payments can go under the radar and leave you spending more than you realise. These costs are added to the total cost of a product or service at the end of the payment process - instead of being listed as a separate expense. For example, you may be quoted a price for a car without the down payment rather than being asked to pay the down payment separately. This can make it difficult to compare prices and know how much you are spending. Upfront payments can also be hidden in other ways, such as being rolled into the monthly payments for a lease or loan. Be sure to ask about all upfront payments before agreeing to any purchase so that you can budget appropriately and avoid overspending.

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