Affordable activities for the family this Christmas

December 8, 2022 • Chris Bardsley

December is officially here, and it’s time for all of your favourite Christmas activities with the family. From decorating the tree to building gingerbread houses, Christmas is the perfect excuse to squeeze in some extra family time. However, with the cost of living increases we’ve seen this year, it’s all about cheap and cheerful activities that don’t break the bank.

Here at Fair for You, we’re here to help you have a wonderful Christmas - without spending your entire monthly budget on energy bills and food shopping. Between our Food Club Card, Shopping Card and flexible essential product loans, we can help you spread the cost of your festive celebrations this year.

Christmas lights tour

A Christmas lights tour of your local area is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit with the kids. Not only will they be delighted by all the dazzling decorations, but it's also a great affordable activity that won't break the bank. Plus, you can make some lasting memories with your family while strolling around and admiring your neighbours' holiday decorations.

Make some hot chocolate in a flask, wrap the kids up warm in the car and drive around your local town in the car. You can play your favourite family Christmas tunes and spot the houses with the best lights around town. Look for the ones with a blow-up Santa and reindeer on the roof!

Wreath making

Making wreaths with your children is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit! It's not only a fun and creative activity, but it’s also an affordable one. Plus, you can make use of materials from around the house like old ribbons, paper decorations, pinecones and other craft items. Not only will it create a sense of togetherness this Christmas, but it's also an activity that your kids will remember in the years to come. It's also a great way to show off your holiday decorations and add some extra cheer to your home! Plus, you can always turn it into a friendly competition with prizes for the best wreath.

There are some great ideas (that are super resourceful!) on the Country Living website:

Christmas movies

When it comes to creating the ultimate Christmas movie night, nothing beats gathering your family together to watch a festive classic. To make it extra special, you can add a few additional elements like making some hot chocolate, getting cosy with blankets and cushions and adding some delicious snacks. Make sure to dim the lights and get everyone into their comfiest clothes to really set the mood.

Watching festive favourites can bring back so many happy memories and create new ones too – it’s sure to be an evening your family will cherish forever! Why not make it extra special by taking a vote on which movie you all want to watch? When it comes to creating the ultimate Christmas movie night, nothing beats having your family by your side for a night of festive cheer.

If you’re stuck for ideas - Channel 5 are airing a Christmas film every weekday from 2:15pm, and all Saturday and Sunday afternoons until December 25!

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Christmas is a great time to get creative in the kitchen with your kids. Baking festive treats can be a fun and enjoyable activity for all the family, not just something to enjoy afterwards! If your oven is on its last legs or you're ready for an updated version, you could spread the cost of your new kitchen appliance with Fair for You. Just head to our site to browse the range of ovens from our retailers, and check to see if you’re eligible for a Fair for You loan.

From sugar cookies cut into Christmas shapes to gingerbread houses, there's something for everyone - no matter what their baking ability. Even if you're an inexperienced baker, don't be afraid to give it a go as there are plenty of simple recipes that your whole family can enjoy making together. For something special and indulgent, why not try making a festive Yule Log or a show-stopping Christmas Cake?

There are tonnes of great recipes and ideas on the BBC Good Food website:

Gingerbread house

Making gingerbread houses at Christmas is a fun and rewarding activity for you to do with your kids. Not only will it provide quality time for the whole family, but it also creates a beautiful end product that can be admired and enjoyed together. With just a few ingredients, such as flour, sugar, butter, spices and some candy decorations, you can easily make a gingerbread house that your children will enjoy decorating.

Hot chocolate buffet

A hot chocolate buffet is a great and affordable way to create an enjoyable Christmas activity. Head to Iceland to gather different kinds of hot chocolate mix, candy canes and marshmallows for an extra special touch. The variety of flavours, textures and colours will make for a truly festive experience that the whole family will remember. And with Fair for You’s Food Club, you can apply for a prepaid card of up to £75 to use in-store and online in Iceland. Split the cost of your festive treats into weekly repayments and stay on budget this Christmas.

You could even get creative with other toppings, like whipped cream and crushed peppermint. Everyone will be sure to love it! Plus, when you’re done, you can save the extra ingredients for later. Hot chocolate makes a delicious treat all season long.

Mail a thank you letter

Writing thank you letters to Santa is a great way to get your family into the holiday spirit, without spending much money. Not only will it be an enjoyable activity for everyone involved, but it can also teach your kids the value of expressing gratitude and appreciation.

Royal Mail is currently running its annual Letter to Santa event. Just send your letter before the 9th of December and wait for Santa’s reply. Or, if you can’t wait to receive Santa’s response, they have a card ready to go on their website.

Post your letters to the following address:

Santa/Father Christmas

Santa's Grotto



Paper snowflakes

Making paper snowflakes with your kids this Christmas is a fun and easy activity. All you need are some scissors, some white paper, and some creativity! Start by folding the paper in half twice, then cutting it into interesting shapes along the edges. Unfold the paper to reveal your snowflake design! Your little ones will love to get creative with the cuts and come up with as many different snowflake designs as possible. Once you and your kids have made enough paper snowflakes, why not hang them around the house to add a festive touch?

Track Santa on Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve, why not surprise your kids with a fun free activity – tracking Santa's journey around the world! Following his magical sleigh on its flight path will create some exciting anticipation in the lead-up to the big day. It can also give you an opportunity to chat with them about geography and different cultures as he visits each city or country. All you need to do is visit the NORAD Tracks Santa website, and with their interactive map, your children can follow old Saint Nick's progress in real-time. Watching him cross from one place to the next will be so much fun! So don't forget to grab a hot cocoa, settle down on the sofa, and take part in this magical festive tradition with your family this Christmas Eve.

Write Christmas cards

It's a wonderful way to spread festive cheer, and it's also a great opportunity for your kids to get creative. You can start by helping them gather supplies such as coloured paper, markers, glitter pens, stamps, stickers and other craft items. Then have them come up with ideas for cards - from simple drawings or shapes to poems or a heartfelt message. Once the cards are made, help your kids write a special message for each person receiving one. This is an opportunity for them to practise their writing and learn about giving to others in a meaningful way. For added fun, you can even make it a festive family activity by helping them put together the cards and write the messages together.

Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is a fun activity for the entire family during the holiday season! Not only does it help make your presents look more festive, but it also encourages collaboration and communication between family members. With everyone working together to wrap gifts, you can share stories, jokes, and memories while creating something special and meaningful. Plus, gift wrapping can be a great way to bring everyone together in a time that can often be hectic and stressful. So, this Christmas, why not gather the family around the kitchen table and spend some quality time wrapping gifts together? It will create lasting memories and help make your presents look extra special for their recipients.

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