Are recipe boxes worth the money?

October 18, 2023 • Chris Bardsley

Recipe boxes such as Gousto and Hello Fresh may seem like the perfect solutions when budgeting for meal times - but can meal planning home-cooked food prove cheaper?

The convenience of choosing meals and having the ingredients arrive on your doorstep is not lost on many people, as well as the time and mental load saved from not having to plan out meals for the whole family, check which ingredients are needed and then visit the local supermarket.

Gram-for-gram cost compared

However, a study from money-saving blog Be Clever with Your Cash found that despite the convenience, if you’re a small household you may well be paying over the odds when each recipe is measured out gram for gram:

Meal Gousto cost per portion Tesco cost per portion (gram for gram) Tesco cost per portion (actual spend)
Chicken and Hummus Bowl with Sweet Potato Wedges £6.25 (2 people having 2 meals) £3.41 £6.27
Chinese style Beef and Green Pepper Stir Fry £6.25 (2 people having two meals) £3.58 £7.69

So which is better value?

The study found that the supermarket was significantly cheaper per portion (gram for gram) than people getting just two meals in each Gousto box.

By comparing two of the same recipes across the supermarket and Gousto box, the supermarket cost on average 44% less, saving £5.51 a box.

Do that weekly, and you could save £286.52 a year by meal planning rather than opting for a subscription.

Are meal boxes the right option for you?

Take a look at the Be Clever with Your Cash study and decide for yourself.

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