Best Father’s Day gifts and activities on a budget

June 7, 2022 • Chris Bardsley

Father’s Day in the UK occurs on the third Sunday of June each year, and it is a time to celebrate all that our dads, grandads and father-figures do for us. Whatever your plans are for Father’s Day, take some time out of your busy schedule to let them know how much they mean to you.

You don’t need to spend lots of money on Father’s Day gifts to celebrate the national holiday. You can stay on budget and have fun with your dad. You just need to be organised and financially cautious when purchasing Father’s Day gifts.

One option is to set a budget in advance and stick to it, regardless of what unique Father’s Day gifts or activities you choose. Another option is to choose cheaper alternatives for your celebrations, like smaller gifts or homemade treats instead of store-bought ones. You could also consider trying out some DIY crafts or inexpensive group activities that everyone can enjoy together.

Whatever route you choose, remember the most important thing is spending quality time with those closest to you. This blog post will share some Father’s Day gift ideas and fun activities that align with a smaller budget.

Make a card or homemade gift

A heartfelt card or homemade gift is always appreciated and doesn’t have to cost the earth. Get creative and use materials you have around the house – it could finally be time to use that coloured card that’s been lying around untouched! You can either include a few dad jokes or write a special message reflecting on your wonderful memories together inside the card.

Cook dinner or breakfast in bed

Show your dad how much you appreciate him by cooking his favourite meal, and who knows, if he’s been particularly good this year you might want to surprise him with a beer! If you can’t cook, or want to give the kids a bit of freedom to celebrate dad, no problem – breakfast in bed is always a winner.

Personalised father’s day gifts

When looking for the perfect gift this Father’s Day, try to find something tailored specifically to your dad and his hobbies.

There is a wide selection of personalised gifts on the market – from stationery sets to mugs.

If your dad is a book lover, you could also get him a custom book cover with an image or quote that he’ll love.

Gadgets and tech accessories

Headphones, phone cases and car chargers can also make great gifts for dads who love technology. And if there’s one thing we all know, it’s that dads love their gadgets!

If you’re a member of our Good Payers Club, you could spread the cost and pay back the loan with manageable repayments.

Home improvement supplies

Everyone needs some new home improvement supplies from time to time. Buy your dad a new set of paintbrushes, a nice doormat, or a potted plant for his porch.

If your dad is into gardening, consider getting him a new set of gardening gloves, some tools, or even a gift card to his favourite nursery so he can buy whatever plants he wants.

A nice tie or pair of socks

Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest. A tie or pair of socks is the perfect present for Father’s Day. These traditional gifts are a practical way to help dad out with the everyday essentials. If you want to make your gift even more special, you could choose some personalised socks or ties. Make sure they have some personal significance, such as a design inspired by one of his favourite sports teams or something that reminds you of a special moment that you’ve shared. If you can’t find anything like this in stores, consider looking online or working with a tailor to create your own unique design. Whatever route you choose, remember that the most important thing is simply to show dad how much he means to you on Father’s Day.

Plan an outdoor activity

Planning an outdoor activity on Father’s Day can be a fun and rewarding experience – and you’re sure to have a good laugh. There are many activities you could choose from, depending on the preferences and interests of your father. Some ideas might include going hiking or camping in a nearby park, taking a canoe or kayaking trip on a nearby lake or river, or even mountain biking or rock climbing.

Before you start planning your adventure, it’s important to consider a few key things. First, consider the type of activity your father is interested in doing. If he loves being active and outdoors, then try to plan something that will keep him moving and engaged throughout the whole day. However, if your father prefers a more relaxed pace, you might want to consider something like a picnic in the park or a leisurely walk through the woods.

At-home activity

Consider planning an at-home activity like painting the spare bedroom or making his favourite meal. Whether hiking, cooking, or craft-making, plan a day with just the two of you where you get to do what he loves most. Just be sure to pick something that both of you enjoy so he’ll have fun spending time with you.

Planning interactive at-home activities for Father’s Day is a great way to show your dad how much you appreciate him. Some of the most popular ideas include hosting a BBQ or cookout, organising a board game tournament, putting together a DIY project, or simply spending some quality time together. Ultimately, the key to creating an enjoyable at-home activity for Father’s Day is to think about what your dad enjoys and then tailor the activity accordingly.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Father’s Day, always remember that the most important thing is to show Dad how much he means to you. Whether it’s a small gift and handwritten card or a weekend away for two, let him know that he will always be your number one dad.

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