Create a Home Gym on a Budget

July 20, 2023 • Chris Bardsley

Create a Home Gym on a Budget

Regular exercise is a brilliant way to boost your mental and physical wellbeing.

But with the average cost of a gym membership in the UK being £40 per month, it can sometimes feel easier said than done if you’re on a tight budget.

Buying your own gym equipment can seem like a big investment, but with a Shopping Card loan from Fair for You you can shop quality gym equipment from trusted retailers with low interest rates and flexible repayment plans to suit you.

The Opti range from Argos offers a great selection of equipment to suit many different abilities, goals and price points including treadmills, rowing machines and exercise bikes.

You can browse their sports and leisure products by following this link. If you’re not sure which product is the right one for you, consumer champions Which? have put together this handy round up which you can find here.

Once you have what you need, all you need to do is stay motivated!

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