Energy Costs For Dryers: Our Top 3 Tips

March 4, 2019 • The Team

Having a dryer to keep everything dry can be really important to those supporting a family. With the weather in the UK being so bleak during the winter, it’s a good idea to look to buy now and pay weekly or monthly for your dryer.

However, when you want to buy now and pay weekly on dryers, the cost of running it can turn out to be important. Sometimes we can forget that it’s not just the cost of the appliance we’re buying that we need to consider but the cost of running it – especially if we plan on using it a lot.

Luckily, we have great finance plans to help you buy the dryer you need and are the No.1 trusted flexible credit provider. But before you buy, here are our top 3 tips on how to assess the energy cost on dryers.

Check the energy rating

Energy ratings are really important as they give you insight into how long you’ll have to have the dryer on to get the results you need. The higher the energy rating, the less time you will need to have it on, meaning that you will save on electricity costs.

So, when you check the energy rating on your dryer, aim to go for something with a high energy rating so that you can save energy costs on your dryer. Browse our tumble dryers page for more information.

Check the energy through Fair for You

The next thing you can do to save energy costs on your tumble dryer is check the energy use through Fair for You. Our helpful service allows you to compare the different cost of running dryers within your budget. That way, you won’t be stung when you come to using your dryer and will be able to pay monthly amounts that you can afford.

Check the drum size

To save energy costs on dryers, check the drum size. If you have a larger family it’s worth investing in a slightly larger one so you don’t have to put it on so often and can save money. A large capacity dryer is the best thing for energy efficiency, so to save money you can look to get a dryer that fits a maximum washing load in. Shop for tumble dryers now to take a look at which drum size is right for you.

How can I buy a dryer and pay monthly?

If you are thinking about setting up a finance plan to pay for your tumble dryer, the process is really simple to follow. Firstly, you can select an item from our suppliers and then put them in your basket. Next, you’ll be automatically taken to the Loan Application page where you can choose how and when you’ll pay.

The great thing about Fair for You is you’ll never have any hidden fees or costs and can always change your payment set up if your circumstances change. To learn more about how you can apply for a loan and find your perfect dryer, visit our loan eligibility page.

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