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February 11, 2022 • Lewis Goldsbury
Making the most out of your space can be tricky – especially if you’ve got a lot of things! To add to this, renting a property often means no hammering or drilling into walls, so creating extra storage systems for your clothes, knick-knacks and the little ones’ toys can be awkward.

If you’re running out of space or looking to get more organised with your belongings, read on for some landlord-friendly home storage tips.

Make use of window ledges

Window ledges are essentially built-in shelves that already come with your home. So why not make the most out of them?

Let’s take the bathroom as an example. If you need somewhere to organise your toiletries, consider popping them in baskets or glass jars and place them on the window ledge. You could also use bowls and trays to organise tweezers, nail clippers, and other small accessories – giving your bathroom a more sophisticated, organised feel.

Most window ledges around our homes offer the perfect depth to store standalone items as well – such as books, magazines and toys. So take advantage of these built-in shelves in whatever way you can!

Under the bed storage

In a perfect world, your bedroom would be a clutter-free sanctuary for peace and rest. But in reality, bedrooms can quickly get cluttered with toys, clothes, shoes and all sorts of odds and ends.

For this reason, under the bed storage has become the ideal place to store (or hide) items that aren’t needed every day. So take this one step further – create a bespoke storage system under your bed that works for you!

Use pull-out drawers, boxes and baskets to separate your belongings and to help keep your things organised. For instance, you could have a box for shoes, a box for clothes and a box for miscellaneous items. And to maximise your space even further, use some bed risers. These can add a few extra inches to your bed, making it easier to slide larger storage items underneath!

Create more wardrobe space with ‘S’ hooks

Wooden hangers can be bulky and sometimes take up more space in your wardrobe than your clothes do. Don’t let hangers cramp your style – or space for that matter – and switch to ‘‘S’ style hooks instead.

‘S’ style hooks are often used in clothing stores to maximise space and display items such as jeans and trousers. They are just as affordable when compared to regular hangers, so imagine the space they could bring to your wardrobe? You may end up finding some extra room to store those shoes you’ve been hiding under the bed!

Hanging laundry hampers

Laundry hampers are famous for taking up floor space in bedrooms and landings all across the country! However, they are definitely a necessary addition to any busy family household – so where to put them?

If you want a little bit of space back, or can’t find the right spot for your laundry basket, you could consider a hanging laundry hamper. These space-saving hampers can be hung on a renter-friendly command hook on the back of your bedroom or wardrobe doors, and even inside the airing cupboard! Out of sight, out of mind – and think of the floor space you’ll get back?!

Think up, not out

The most unused part of any home is often the walls. Free-standing storage units and bookshelves offer a versatile and inexpensive storage solution that will give you more space without needing to nail anything to the walls – and risk upsetting your landlord!

Get creative with how you store your items, and consider playing around with candles, vases and baskets to separate your CDs, DVDs, books and magazines – make it a feature to your home. Small tip for the parents here: use the higher shelves for any delicate items that you want to keep away from little hands, and keep toys and books at easy reach on the lower shelves!

If you’re looking for extra storage solutions to maximise your space at home, head over to our website to discover available bedroom furniture from DHS – including blanket boxes, chest of drawers and bookcases! Plus, spread the cost with our flexible repayment plans – with no deposits and no hidden fees. Head to our website to shop today.

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