How to do Valentine’s Day On A Budget 2024

February 13, 2024 • Chris Bardsley

How to do Valentine’s Day On A Budget - Hacks For Heartfelt Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

Valentine’s Day is a time when couples show their appreciation to each other. But as with other holidays throughout the year, it’s very easy to get carried away with spending money you don’t have when in reality this isn’t necessary to enjoy the day.

With Valentine’s Day, it’s all about cherishing the person you care about and ultimately spending quality time together. When money is tight, you can still have an enjoyable time with your significant other by focusing on the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.

Here are our top tips on the Fair For You team on enjoying Valentine’s Day on a budget.

Handmade Presents

Do you have a talent for the likes of poetry or crafting? You could put the effort into using your skills to make something very sentimental and personal for your spouse. It’s often the case that creative presents have a lot more effort attached, especially compared to buying generic gifts with messaging you didn’t write yourself. Depending on your creative skill, hand-making your Valentine’s Day gift could actually result in a much nicer present.

Customised Coupons

Think of ‘IOU’ coupons, only for Valentine’s Day you will give your significant other something they would really appreciate. Maybe this is relieving them of something they have felt stressed about, or helping them with a project they haven’t managed to get done. There are no rules with customised coupons, meaning you can opt for something romantic or thoughtful depending on what the person would like most. This gift is about showing your love and support rather than having to splash the cash.

Free Valentine’s Day Events

Did you know you can customise your search on Eventbrite to find free events near you? We did a quick search for Valentine’s Day events near Manchester and found free events such as cooking workshops, a jazz music night and a nature reserve volunteer day. In short, there’s a bit of everything going on and all you have to do is tailor your search to free events near you to book. If you have an open mind, you could find a free activity that you both enjoy, even if it’s not strictly ‘Valentine’s’ themed.

Valentine’s Day Supermarket Dine-In Meal Deals 2024

When you’re on a budget, eating out at a restaurant might be out of your price range on Valentine's Day. Instead, a supermarket dine-in meal deal can work out much cheaper.

Typically, these meal deals offer three courses for two people. Look out for dine-in deals in supermarkets including:

Asda - £10 (starter, main, side & dessert)

M&S - £25 (starter, main, side, dessert & prosecco)

Morrisons - £15 (starter, main, two sides, dessert and a drink)

Sainsbury’s - £15 (starter, main, side and dessert)

Tesco - £18 with a club card (starter, main, side and dessert)

The cheapest Valentine’s Day dine-in deal for 2024 goes to Aldi, with their range starting at just £3.38 per person.

Iceland also has a Valentine’s Day section with the likes of steak, chocolate and wine all coming in under £5 each. Remember, Fair For You’s Food Club Card could give you up to £75 to spend in Iceland.

Interestingly, even some of the more pricey supermarkets often have fantastic deals for their Valentine’s dine-in meals. For instance, Waitrose’s dine-in deal for two this year includes a starter, main, side, dessert and the choice of either a fine wine, cocktail or chocolates for just £20.

Fair For You - Deals You’ll Love On The Things You Need

The most important thing this Valentine’s Day is not how much you spend, but rather making the day count for you and your loved one.

We hope the above tips have helped you think up some creative ideas this year. While you’re here, you might be interested in the products available at Fair For You.

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