How to Transform Your Garden on a Budget

April 17, 2023 • Chris Bardsley

As we get closer to summer, we all want to be spending more time outdoors (if it stops raining!). Whether you want somewhere relaxing to sunbathe or you’re looking forward to hosting a barbecue with your friends and family, it’s good to get your garden in tip-top shape.

And remember, renovating your garden doesn’t have to mean spending huge amounts of money on furniture and equipment! There are loads of ways you can transform your garden on a budget.

To help and inspire you, we’ve compiled this list of garden improvement ideas to help you get ready for the warmer months.

Have a spring clean

During the colder months, when you’re more likely to be staying warm and dry indoors, weeds and grime can build up, especially on decking and patio areas. Jet washing and cleaning these areas can make them less slippery and much more appealing.

If you don’t have access to a jet wash, you could remove any weeds before sweeping your patio with a stiff brush and then use the brush to scrub your patio or decking with hot soapy water.

Upcycling old furniture

Upcycling is essentially giving a new lease of life to furniture or items that otherwise would have been thrown away or recycled.

It’s quite a straightforward idea but has only grown in popularity in recent years, as people make a conscious effort to reduce and reuse, instead of buying new products.

Upcycling can take many shapes and forms, especially when in terms of transforming your garden on a budget. Here are just five ways you can transform your garden by upcycling…

  1. Turn old pallets into garden furniture like chairs and tables

  2. Put small plants into old bookcases

  3. Use an old bath as a planter or for growing fruit and veg in

  4. Plant flowers in an old suitcase

  5. Repurpose old drawers into planters

Using sites like Gumtree, Freecycle and local Facebook groups, you can find free furniture and items that people no longer need to transform your garden on even the smallest of budgets.

Add some colour

The bright sunshine is something you can’t control, but you do have a say in the vibrancy of the things the sun shines on. After a wet winter has weathered fences and sheds, restoring them with some colour can really bring life to your garden - transforming it ready for summer.

As well as brightening up your garden, using lighter colours gives the illusion that your garden is larger than it is too. So you may want to choose lighter shades, like light blues and greens or even pink.

By contrast, darker colours can make your garden feel smaller and more intimate, which may be more appropriate if you’re trying to make seating areas more cosy and comfortable.

To stand the test of time and mitigate the effects of summer showers, you should use paint that’s specifically meant for outdoor use. You’ll find lots of different colours when you’re looking in a DIY shop for outdoor paint, not just shades of brown, so why not give something different a try? A new coat of paint is an easy way to upgrade your garden on a budget.


Warmer nights and longer days are two of our favourite things about summer, but sometimes nights in the garden can continue long after the light has faded. That’s why introducing lights to your garden is cost-effective to ensure you can make the most of the warm weather.

Hanging fairy lights from trees and fences can help to create a lovely atmosphere and enjoy the company of friends and family into the night.

Similarly, high-street shops like Dunelm offer solar-powered lights too - so you won’t need to worry about wiring or batteries. As users of our Shopping Card will already know, you can use your balance to spend in Dunelm - allowing you to get your garden summer-ready with flexible and affordable repayments.

What’s next?

Now you know how to transform your garden on a budget, which of our tips will you be using?

Don’t forget, if you’re in need of new garden furniture, barbecues or gardening tools to get your space ready for summer, you can find it all on the Fair for You website.

For more tips on money management and what we do, explore the Fair for You blog. Here you’ll find articles that outline what a good credit score is and how to maintain it, how much it costs to run household appliances, the difference between Fair for You and buy now pay later firms, and much more.

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