The 7 Essential Baby Products You Can Buy On Finance

April 25, 2019 • The Team

Having a baby is an amazing occasion and is often the best day of a parent’s life. However, there’s no denying that bringing a new life into the world can be expensive, and even essential baby items can become too much when you have to buy them all in one go.

Luckily, you can buy essential baby items on finance to help you buy the things you need now and pay when you can. We help take the stress out of having a newborn, so that you can enjoy every moment with your new addition to the family. So, to help you choose the products you need, here’s a guide to the 7 essential baby items that you can buy on finance…

  1. Pay Weekly Prams

Buying a pram can be a bit of a financial setback for a new family, so a pay weekly finance agreement is often a great option. You get to choose a pram that suits your family, at a price that you can afford to pay weekly on finance. With loads of lovely models to choose from, your hardest decision will be which pram is your favourite.

2. A Cot

Another essential baby item that you can buy on finance, and a lifesaver for all mums who need to find a snuggly bed for their new babe. Cots are one of those essentials that really can’t wait, so a pay weekly deal is perfect for those who need a cot quickly. All you need to do is browse our cots and apply to set up a finance deal that can be paid weekly, monthly or fortnightly – easy!

3. A High Chair

Anyone who’s tried to feed a baby without a high chair will know the true value of having one of these handy tools. Our suppliers have a range of high chairs that will be a god send when feeding time starts, and offer a sturdy and comfy seat to rest your child in whilst they eat. With buy now and pay later options, you won’t need to worry about preparing for your new arrival until you can afford it.

4. Car Seats

To ensure the safety of your child as they grow, at some point you will need to invest in a car seat. This couldn’t be easier to buy on finance, and our range of children’s car seats take the stress out of travelling with a little one. Whilst these aren’t the best for teenie tiny babies, they’re a good investment for the future and if you are planning on having more than one little person they will last as a hand me down.

5. Bouncers

Bouncers are really handy for when you need to get things done around the house and don’t want to worry about your little one getting up to no good. They’re comfy and well designed to take into account your baby’s temperature, positioning and movements.

The Hoopla Bouncer is really popular and has a strap which can be attached to keep your baby entertained whilst you have a moment’s rest, or continue with day to day tasks.

6. Travel Carrier

With a travel carrier, you’ll never have to worry about transporting your baby again. It’s easy to think that a pram alone will be fine, but when your baby is too small for a proper car seat you may need a Group 0+ car seat and carrier to transport them around. A travel carrier set includes a pushchair, carry cot and Group 0+ car seat that is suitable for babies from birth to 13kg. With a pay weekly or monthly finance deal, you can rest in the knowledge that your baby will be safe and comfy, even if you can’t afford to pay for your baby essentials upfront.

If you want to look into buying baby items on finance, then why not explore the Children and Baby section of our website to see what products you could get on a flexible finance plan?

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