Tips for creating a cosy children’s bedroom

October 1, 2021 • Lewis Goldsbury

With autumn fast approaching, your kids will be spending more and more time indoors. Transitioning to indoor life isn’t always easy for children, especially after finally breaking out of pandemic bubbles.

That’s why now is a great time to make your child’s bedroom as inviting and cosy as possible. Turn their bedroom into somewhere they can’t wait to spend their time. Not only will this make transitioning indoors all the more easier for your kids but it’ll make evenings all the more peaceful for you!

Making your child’s bedroom into a cosy space for autumn does not require a degree in interior design or a big budget. We are sharing our top five easy fixes to achieve those comfy, snug vibes.

Create a cocoon

Spending most of the day inside can make bedtime that little bit harder. If your child has spent a large proportion of the day or evening playing in their bedroom, they may begin to disassociate the space with sleep. For this reason, it’s a good idea to create a clear separation between their bed and the rest of the room.

Use sheer curtains to create a little cocoon around their bed. It’ll transform their bed into an inviting-looking den to hide away in – and what child doesn’t love a den?! If you have bunk beds, this won’t take much work as you can simply drape the fabric over the frame. For those without bunks, use a wall fixture to hang the fabric around the head of the bed.

Not only will this look pretty, but it creates the perfect cosy atmosphere for a bedtime story and glass of milk. You might even be tempted to add one to your room. Sheer curtains can be picked up from many bargain homeware stores, or quite often from local markets.

Washi-tape it up!

Your fridge isn’t the only place in your home that you can showcase your child’s artwork. Why not turn their bedroom walls into their very own art gallery? Colourful paintings and drawings bring warmth and happiness to the plainest of rooms. A personal touch to a space will always make your child feel even more at home. Not to mention, they also help to distract from mess after playtime.

For those who are renting, blu-tack is often a big no-no. Washi tape, however, peels right off the wall. You can stick whatever you want onto the walls without worrying about traces being left behind. If you’re feeling creative, you can even use washi tape as an alternative to picture frames. Create colourful pseudo-frames and geometric shapes to spark your child’s creativity and imagination.

You can find washi tape in a range of colours, sizes and patterns from craft shops. If your decorating goals are a little more aspirational, you can even use washi tape to upcycle old furniture like drawers and give them a bit of pizzazz. Or perhaps you’re looking to spell out your child’s name or a quote from their favourite cartoon on the wall?

Washi tape allows you to go town on your furniture and walls without any actual painting involved at all. Cover anything you like and never worry about having to repaint it or sell it as your child grows up. Just peel it off and start again.

Tote-ally awesome storage

Sometimes, you might feel like you have enough toys in your home to fill a toy shop. We’re sure many of you are tired of playing hop-scotch every time you want to move around the house. Plus, no room ever feels cosy when it’s covered in clutter! If you’re in need of a crafty way to store your child’s toys – other than the floor – we’ve got you covered.

Hang your spare tote bags to create a unique and cost-effective storage solution. With a bit of fabric paint, you can give your old canvas bags a new lease of life. Personalise them with your child’s initials or categorise them with labels for blocks, stuffed animals and dolls. Not only will this create more space, but it will make keeping track of toys much easier.

If you’re renting, hooks with an adhesive back or command strips will be your new best friend. These will help you avoid making any unnecessary holes in the wall that could upset your landlord. Also, they will save you having to fill in any holes if you decide to change the location of your thrifty new storage solution. Just make sure to hang the bags in reach of your children – that way they can help you tidy up!

It’s party time

Bunting isn’t just for parties and it may just provide the finishing touch that your child’s bedroom walls need to create a lived-in, cosy feel.

Grab a fabric of your choice, some string (or even a shoestring), scissors, glue, a coffee for yourself, and get crafting. This is a great activity for the whole family and will no doubt spark your child’s creativity.

Making bunting doesn’t take up too much time or create loads of mess. So you can make new bunting for each season or festive occasion – or perhaps each time your child’s favourite colour or animal changes. They are not the most decisive bunch, are they?

Light it up!

As evening draws in, bright overhead lighting can sometimes be too much to bear – particularly during storytime. Fairy lights are an easy cost-effective solution. Battery-powered fairy lights are also more energy-efficient, which will help keep those energy bills down. Not only do they look magical, but they also create a cosiness that will send your kids off to sleep in no time.

If you are in need of some furniture items to spruce up your child’s bedroom just in time for autumn, discover the range of children’s bedroom furniture we have on offer for you. All are available to purchase via our flexible repayment plans.

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