What To Do With Unwanted Christmas Gifts

January 15, 2024 • Chris Bardsley

What To Do With Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Research from Finder found that 62% of UK adults receive at least one unwanted gift at Christmas. This equates to a staggering £1.2bn worth of unwanted presents per year.

It can be an awkward topic of conversation, but the reality is that not all Christmas gifts we receive are wanted. Whether the item is unsuitable or simply not to your taste, putting it in the back of your cupboard isn’t an option. That’s because this is a waste of money as well as space in your home.

Whether the gifts were for you, or if you’ve purchased an unwanted gift for someone else, here are our top tips from the Fair For You team on what to do next.

Returning The Gifts

There’s no shame in returning unwanted gifts. In fact, this can offer the best solution since you can either get your money back or the money could be spent on a more suitable gift instead.

However, the one thing to note with gift returns is that you will need a gift receipt. That’s because return rights typically only apply to the person who purchased the gift.

As for how long you have to return Christmas gifts, most stores allow for 30 days, though the return window can vary between 14 and 45 days depending on the retailer. So be sure to check the receipt so that you don’t miss the returns window.

Reselling Through eBay Or Vinted

If you’re not able to get a receipt (especially if you don’t want to ask the person who bought you the gift) then the next best thing is to use a reselling app such as eBay or Vinted.

Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree can also allow you to list items for free, with some buyers willing to pay and collect the item that same day.

When listing items for sale, try to take good pictures and add in descriptions. If the item hasn’t been worn or used, include this information as it can help you get a better price. Also, research the typical prices for the item to ensure you’re not underpricing the item.

Donating Unwanted Gifts

If you’ve received some unwanted gifts this year, then another option is to do some good by donating them to those in need. Alongside charity shops, food banks and other organisations may have a need for the item depending on what it is.

Avoiding Unwanted Gifts Next Christmas

Do you find yourself receiving the same type of unwanted Christmas gifts every year? From clothes which are the wrong size to body lotions which irritate your skin - there are lots of common gift errors that many people experience.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way for next Christmas. While the topic can be difficult to discuss, you can make it clear to friends and family about the gifts you would like, or even if gifts aren’t necessary.

After all, there can be huge financial pressures at Christmas. Add in unwanted gifts and it’s clear to see that Christmas can be a wasteful time. Instead, focusing on spending quality time with the family rather than giving in to pressure to buy gifts for everyone you know can actually make the holidays far more enjoyable.

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