5 Easter Decoration Ideas 2019

April 8, 2019 • The Team

Easter is a wonderful time to get the family round for a roast and decorate the house to celebrate. Whether Easter means something religious to you, or whether you’re just in it for the chocolate, it’s a great time of year for fresh starts and new beginnings.

If you’re stuck for Easter decoration ideas, but want something to freshen up your living space for the break then take a look at these Easter decoration ideas…

  1. Mini Eggs In A Jar

This super simple DIY Easter trick looks lovely as decoration on a dinner table (provided no one gets their hands on them!). Simply wash out an old Jam Jar and fill with Mini Eggs or a similar small chocolate egg that you like.

If you want to add extra decoration you can tie a ribbon around the lid, or allow the children to decorate the jar with stickers and glitter. It’s a little messy, but a lot of fun and a great treat for the whole family.

2. Easter Bunting

This great idea is taken from clean and scentsible and uses string, pom poms and paper to create gorgeous bunny bunting that will add an Easter touch to any room.

Easter Bunting is a great decoration idea to keep children who are a bit older busy. Making these pretty decorations is relatively easy, but requires a bit of concentration. A great crafts project for a rainy day!

3. Easter Egg Tree Decorations

Just like Christmas Tree decorations – but for Easter. Peanut Blossom has a great step by step guide to creating these charming decorations that will hang off of any mini tree or house plant.

Bring the spirit of Easter into your living room by decorating your egg decorations in bright, fresh colours that will add a splash of vibrancy to any room. They’re definitely more of an adult craft project, but perfect for an older child who might want a craft challenge.

4. Napkin Bunny Ears

This one is taken from Good Housekeeping and is a really fun and easy way to bring some Easter excitement into your house. They’ll look great laid on any Easter dinner table.

All you need to do is fold a napkin in half to make a triangle, then roll this into a long strip and fold in half again. Grab a pipe cleaner and thread it through a bead and around the napkin to secure your bunny ears in place. Then, insert three pipe cleaners through the beads as whiskers.

5. Easter Wreath

This one might require that you forage for a few bits in the garden, but it’s worth the while for the beautiful result. This Easter decoration idea comes from a pumpkin and a princess and involves using a wreath, flowers and painted eggs to create a show stopping decoration.

You’ll need a hot glue gun to stick Eggs and Decoration to your wreath, which you can weave flowers and leaves into to make it look natural and authentic.The result is a lovely hanging feature that will look great on any door.

Whatever Easter decoration ideas you decide to try out this holiday, be sure that you have the furniture and appliances you need to host a lovely family event. With amazing pay weekly finance loans, you’ll be able to buy the things that make your house a home.

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