6 Low Cost Living Room Design Ideas

March 13, 2019 • The Team

Designing a living room is exciting – but also a little daunting. Where to start? What to include?

Here’s 6 design ideas to get the creative juices flowing…

An Electric Fire

Ever fancied huddling around the fireplace, but couldn’t face all the hassle that comes with an open fire? The smoke in your hair, the coal stains on your favourite jumper…

Well fear not, your living room can still be cosy! If you’re looking to design around a fire, look no further than an electric fire.

It’s always nice to get a traditional finish when it comes to fireplaces, and the Livi really has an air of elegance about it. Don’t worry if you’re going for a more contemporary living room interior. With its glossy texture and rich colour, the Livi will also add some flame-filled magic to a more modern design.

Pop down a rug

Another item that will guarantee a homely feel to your living room is a perfectly placed rug. Not only does a rug give you the opportunity to express your design ideas all the way to the floor, it also keeps those bare feet warm when you get up to make a cup of tea.

For those feeling vibrant, the Huxley range is a great value option to complete a modern living room design. Colour range is not a problem either, with the rug available in black/purple, black/blue, black/red, black/grey, grey and brown/beige.

An essential – the coffee table

Let’s be honest, no well-designed living room is without a coffee table. After all, without one where will you put your coffee, your books, your candles?

For lovers of all things sleek and contemporary, it’ll be the Heeze that will please the eye. It has simple, clean lines and a subtle, black coated metal frame. And if that weren’t enough, the warm wooden top, sonoma oak, complements the frame perfectly.

A bookcase

If you’re bookish, you’ll need a bookcase. If you’re not bookish, you’ll still need a bookcase. An essential part of any interior design, a bookcase is a display. It is a frame in which you can place whatever trinkets, home accessories or books to add some character to your home.

Whatever the style, there’ll be a bookcase to suit. However an industrial style, like the Downtown 5 tier, can really catch the eye.

And they come in all shapes and sizes too. Designing a living room can be tricky, and if you’re left with a small gap, the Corona Premium is a narrow-fit bookcase that will bring a little elegant pine to the design.

A Stylish Sofa

Less is more, they say. With sofas especially, this can often be the case. Designing interiors often comes down to the simple, the minimal.

The Kiaora Sofa Bed is a minimalist’s dream-come-true. Sleek and charcoal, the Kiaora will fit perfectly in a modern living room. But, like all great design, it can be easily modified into a bed for when guests come to stay. Take a look at our pay weekly or monthly sofas

Somewhere to sit

There’s a spare corner in your living room that’s demanding to be filled.

Upholstered in crushed velvet and boasting a multitude of colour options (black, plum, grey and beige), the Dalston is styled beautifully. Those spare spaces in the living room aren’t there just to be covered up, they’re an opportunity to make a statement.

By including a designer chair you’re not only making a statement, but also providing an extra place to sit – making your living room cosier.

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