Best Home Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

March 13, 2019 • The Team

It’s Monday morning and you arrive into the office. Your colleague who sits next to you turns around and says “are you all sorted for Mother’s Day?” It’s only 7 words but they’re enough to turn your stomach upside down. You’ve forgotten all about Mother’s Day.

But now the invitation for Sunday lunch is making all the more sense. As you struggle to remain calm you begin to wonder, what on earth can I get my mum? It’s not that far fetched – we’ve all felt that dread.

Take a look at the best home gift ideas for Mother’s Day to give you some inspiration…

Dressing Table and Mirror

Any mother would appreciate a little added chic in the house. She’s spent enough time reminding you to tidy up, why not treat her to something neat and stylish?

The Downtown Dressing Table and Mirror is sleek, subtle and full of storage. With a beautiful metal frame and industrial-effect detail, this might be the perfect way to say “thanks mum”.

Table topper

Although she’d probably say that you’re the “light of her life”, she’d actually really enjoy a lovely lamp table as a gift.

Luckily for you, the Chloe lamp offers a well-proportioned lamp table with a timeless design that will suit both traditional and contemporary interiors. Crafted from solid Malaysian hardwood and finished with a light oak stain, this lamp table will be the talking point of Mother’s Day.

Nest of tables

You may have flown the nest, but that doesn’t mean you can get out of getting a Mother’s Day gift.

A nest of tables is a perfect present. Tucked away whilst you’re away, your mum will be able to whip out the set of smaller tables for when you come to visit.

Part of the stunning Grey Corona range, this particular nest of tables has a grey waxed pine style that is an absolute Mother’s Day winner.

If your mum prefers a more contemporary style, consider the Metra nest of tables. This set has a high gloss white lacquer, featuring two tables that fit together in a versatile space-saving system.

The perfect rug

A Velvet Fusion Rug has a bold geometric design, that strikes an art deco note. Moreover, its thick, cosy and comfortable.

A more understated option is an Orlando Cream Rug, a multi-tonal rug that is silky and warm thanks to a combination of weaving both thick and thin yarns together.

Whatever the style, a rug (and a hug) goes a long way on Mother’s Day.

There needn’t be a massive panic-stricken dash about town two days before. With a little forethought and preparation, you could have Mother’s Day all wrapped up with enough time to ask someone smugly at the office: “are you all sorted for Mother’s Day?”.

If you need some help financing your Mother’s Day gift, don’t panic! With finance plans that are Fair for You, you’ll be able to afford a lovely gift this Mother’s Day. Take a look at our pay weekly and monthly finance on furniture to learn more.

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