How to get fit on a budget

August 2, 2022 • Chris Bardsley

Between personal trainers, new workout clothes and gym memberships, the cost of getting fit can really add up. However, there are plenty of ways to improve your health and fitness without breaking the bank. It’s time to get creative and make the most out of the free resources available to you in your local area.

Here are our top tips for getting fit on a budget.

You don’t need a gym membership

On average, a gym membership in the UK is around £40 per month. Save your cash and put this money towards your food shop or rising energy bills instead. There are countless ways to squeeze in your cardio without an expensive gym membership, from outdoor running to home workouts. Try body weight exercises at home to increase your fitness level, and skip the monthly gym membership. Most gyms let you freeze your membership, so you don’t have to commit to cancelling right away.

Skip the expensive activewear

Your new Gymshark set may look good for Instagram, but it isn’t doing your bank account any favours. You don’t need expensive workout clothes to exercise. In fact, your old baggy T-shirt and cycling shorts will do just fine. However, if you are a runner, it’s worth investing in some good-quality trainers to keep your feet supported and protected from injury.

Try shopping second-hand to save some extra cash with sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Depop and charity shops. You never know what bargains are in store!

Invest in home gym equipment

You can intensify bodyweight workouts with your own exercise equipment. If you enjoy weighted workouts, invest in a dumbbell kit that can be customised to different weights. For example, you might need 3kg weights for your arm workouts and 7kg for a leg exercise. Check out Facebook Marketplace and local charity shops to find low-cost gym equipment you can use at home.

Alternatively, resistance bands are a great way to intensify your workouts without needing to invest in expensive workout equipment. You can also make your home workouts more comfortable with basic equipment, like a yoga mat. If you’re going to get the use out of this equipment over a long period of time, it can sometimes work out less than a single month’s gym membership!

Find an accountability partner

It can be difficult to stay motivated while working out alone. Find a friend who also wants to improve their fitness and hold each other accountable. You could work out together at home in person or over Facetime and act as each other’s personal trainer. Share your weekly fitness goals - or you could even aim for one milestone together, such as a half marathon.

Stop buying fast food

It’s no secret that takeaways are expensive. You can save money and eat healthy meals by cooking your own food at home. If you always have a takeaway on a Friday night, try cooking a healthier version of that meal at home. For example, you could make homemade potato wedges and battered cod instead of having fish and chips from the local chip shop. Small lifestyle changes can improve your fitness and help you lose weight - if that’s something you’re working towards.

Drink more water

Water is a cheap and easy way to stay healthy. The NHS Eatwell Guide recommends drinking 6 to 8 glasses of fluid daily. Water, sugar-free drinks, tea and coffee all count towards this allowance. Staying hydrated is crucial for your health. It helps to regulate body temperature, prevent infection and keep your organs functioning properly. You’re likely to sleep better and feel better when you're well hydrated.

Make the most out of free spaces

If you don’t like working out at home, there are plenty of free spaces you can use to work out instead. Look around your local area for public parks, tennis courts and outdoor gym equipment. Get some fresh air and go for a jog around your neighbourhood, or squeeze in a weekly tennis match with your accountability partner.

With a quick online search, you can find all kinds of places to exercise outside of your home and the gym. Plus, you can find free group classes (depending on your area) on sites such as Our Parks:

Download free workout plans and tutorials

There are millions of YouTube workout videos, fitness apps and free plans online. From Yoga with Adriene to The Body Coach, there is a workout channel for everyone and every fitness level. Sit down on a Sunday evening and make a playlist of YouTube workouts you would like to try this week. You could do a yoga workout on Monday evening and a HIIT class on Wednesday. Mix it up and try something new with the free resources available to you.

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