How to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

July 5, 2023 • Chris Bardsley

How to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

When temperatures soar, it can be a relief to step into the office or local supermarket and feel the cool air around you.

But as we only get a few weeks of the (unpredictable) summer sun, it’s not worth investing in your own air conditioning unit. They can be bulky to store and very expensive to run. In fact, an air conditioner uses the same amount of energy in an hour as a fridge does in a day!

That’s why we’ve put together these handy tips to keep you cool in summer.

An electric fan can make all the difference

Electric fans can be a much cheaper and more energy-efficient alternative to air conditioning.

But remember, fans don’t cool the air - they make you feel cooler by helping to evaporate moisture off your skin. Make sure you don’t leave your fan on in an empty room or you’ll just be wasting energy.

For the best results, try to position your fan at the same height as you or lower, with the fan unit pointing up. This will blow cooler air up towards you.

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Keep your windows and curtains closed - yes, really!

In a heatwave, it can be tempting to open all of the windows in the hope of creating a cool breeze, but unless the wind speeds are high, unfortunately you won’t feel much benefit.

If the air is warmer outside than it is inside, by keeping the windows shut you’re keeping the warm air out of the house. Open the windows once the temperature outside has gotten much cooler - usually after the sun has gone down.

Also, make sure to use curtains, blinds and shutters to block out bright sunlight in the heat of the day.

Don’t ditch the pyjamas just yet

When the weather is hot it can be really difficult to get a good night’s sleep. But funnily enough, going to bed bare might not be the best solution.

Wearing thin, loose, cotton-based clothes or pyjamas to bed can actually help keep you cool. They will increase the surface area for sweat to evaporate from and help you feel cooler - which might not sound appealing at first, but just think of getting some precious shut-eye on a hot summer night.

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Keep cool with Fair for You

Staying cool and comfy without air conditioning is not just a dream, it’s absolutely doable.

Just think of it like a summer project - grab yourself a fan, pop on some lightweight clothes, and keep sipping those ice-cold drinks.

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