Handy guide to help answer any queries on your Food Club prepaid card loan with Fair for You!

When will I get my card?

We will post your card out to you once we have received your signed loan agreement. Please allow 5-7 working days for the card to arrive in case there are any postal delays.

How do I activate my card?

It’s simple to activate your card. Just log in to your Fair for You customer dashboard and click on the green ‘Activate My Card’ button.

In some circumstances your card might not activate immediately; please don’t worry! We will retry to activate your card automatically for you and email you as soon as it is available.

Why do I have a Food Club loan balance and Food Club prepaid card balance? What’s the difference and why aren’t these the same?

The Food Club is like any other Fair for You loan, you agree a payment date and payments are taken out from this date as chosen by you and outlined in your loan agreement. The loan repayments are not linked to any spend on your prepaid card – making sure that the card is flexible to you and your needs. When and how you spend the funds with Iceland is entirely up to you – meaning that you can use all, or part of the funds, as and when you need it. This does mean that you may make a repayment to Fair for You before you spend on your prepaid card, depending on how you choose to spend.

  • The balance on your Food Club loan is how much you owe Fair for You.

  • The balance on your Food Club prepaid card is how much you have available to spend in store or online.

As the loan repayments are not linked to any spend on your prepaid card these two balances are not likely to be the same.

For example:

  • Your Food Club loan and prepaid card balance both start at £75.00.

  • If you spend £30.00 in Iceland on the prepaid card in the first week then your balance will now be £45.00.

  • You will pay Fair for You a payment of £10.00 in the first week so your Fair for You loan balance will now be £65.00.

We will never take further payments beyond your Food Club loan balance total. For example, if you have £75.00 on your Food Club loan balance then we will only take £75.00 of payments until you choose to top up the card again.

How can I check how much is available to spend on my Food Club prepaid card?

You can see how much money is loaded onto your prepaid card by logging into your Fair for You customer dashboard and clicking on the green ‘card balance and statement’ button.

How can I check what my Food Club loan balance is? i.e. how much I owe Fair for You?

Simply log in to your Fair for You customer dashboard and it will display your current loan balances.

How can I use my Food Club prepaid card?

Before using your card for the first time you will need to activate it - please see the ‘How do I activate my card?’ section for more details.

In store: Your card needs to be swiped as a debit card by the cashier in the store. This is usually done by swiping the card on the side of the device you would usually use a chip & pin card with, but this may vary for different stores. Please note that it is not a gift card.

Online: Please process the card online as a MasterCard; enter your own name where it asks for 'Name on Card' and when prompted for a security code please enter the CVC2 number on the back of the card. When using your card online please remember Iceland’s £1.00 packing fee as this will be added to your online shopping total i.e. if you fill your basket to a total of £75.00 of goods then the total inclusive of the £1.00 packing fee will be £76.00. If you only have £75.00 to spend on your Food Club card then this transaction will fail.

Please note that part payment can only be made in store. You will need to pay the difference first using an alternative method of payment and pay for the remainder of the transaction with your Food Club card. For example, if the total cost of your shopping is £100.00 and you would like to use £75.00 of funds from your Food Club Card, you will need to first pay £25.00 using a different payment method like cash or a debit card.

There is no PIN required to use this card.

How can I top up my prepaid card?

The Food Club card is a reloadable card so please keep hold of it! You can add money or ‘top up’ your prepaid card up to your credit limit 6 times a year in our designated ‘top up windows’.

You will receive an email and an SMS to let you know when the top up window is open.

To request a top up during this top up window simply log in to your customer dashboard and click on the green ‘Request Food Club Card Top Up’ button (this button is not available outside of a top up window). The credit requested will then be loaded onto your card for you to spend within 1-2 days and you will receive an email to confirm when this is ready to spend.

Please note that you are not able to top up your Food Club card if your account is in arrears. If you are unsure on the status of your account you can access a full statement here: customer dashboard.

Can I withdraw money from the prepaid card?

No. The card will be locked and only available to use at Iceland stores (including Iceland online and The Food Warehouse stores).

I have lost my prepaid card, how can I get a new one?

If you have lost your card, you can log in to your Fair for You customer dashboard and suspend the card. The card will be blocked and unable to be used for further transactions.

Should you find the card you can log in to the Fair for You customer dashboard and unsuspend the card.

Please email contactus@fairforyou.co.uk if you have lost your card and need a replacement. To cover our costs there is a £5 fee for any replacement cards. Once your request has been confirmed, your new card should be with you within 5 working days.

I have some money left on my prepaid card that I don’t want to use, what can I do?

Please email contactus@fairforyou.co.uk and we can unload the remaining money from your prepaid card and use it to reduce your loan balance with us; or if you have repaid your loan in full we will refund this back onto your payment card.

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