“When I saw your site I phoned my mum! I called a couple people and said look, if you need anything, these people are decent.”
— Mel

Single mum and carer for her son

I’m a single mum three children and a carer for my one son.

My fridge was leaking, and the prices that you offer are so much better than a weekly payment store I’d used before - their prices were horrendous and the loan goes on forever. So when I found you, it was a hundred times better.

I mean you pay at least twice the amount back with other weekly payment stores. If you got a half decent washing machine you’d be paying it off for three years, £10 a week or something like that.

The same fridge that I got from Fair for You would have cost me about £13 a week, but I’d be paying for three years with another weekly payment store. With Fair for You I’m paying over a year – I’ve got a tumble dryer and a fridge from you, so both of them £800 and that’s with your interest. That’s a huge difference!

A lot of these companies, they hit on the people that do struggle. If you got the cash you can get it a lot cheaper, but these companies put on such high interest that you’re paying it off forever. But because they’ve got no other choice, they don’t have the finances, they got no choice they got to go to these companies. And it’s sad because it’s the people who really need it who the companies are making the money off of.

It’s terrible. It’s sad.

When I saw your site I phoned my mum! I called a couple people and said look, if you need anything, these people are decent.

You are realistic. You’ve set up a system where people can have decent products but they are also affordable. You come from a place where – like I said, I can afford to pay off my loan over a year. But if I couldn’t, if something happened and I couldn’t, you’ve given me the option that I can add another six months onto it.

Every so often things break down and you have to replace them because it’s no good getting it fixed, because it’s probably not going to last much longer.

Until you get into that scenario and put yourself in a situation that you are on a budget, then you’ll realise that people don’t have something for when things break down. If I have £500 in my bank, I could go out and buy a brand new one, or get something on sale or something cheaper – I don’t have that kind of money lying around, you know?

With other weekly payment stores my weekly payments have been £13.50 but they make you pay more if you don’t have house insurance. This is how they get you. And if you don’t have house insurance, your weekly payment is £15.26, the annual fixed interest rate is 69.99%. It’s a 156 week payment term so you would pay back £1559 if you were paying back £13.50, if you have insurance. So that would be over £1500, over three years.

What a difference!

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“I can’t fault them at all. It was all done very quickly, and they were very helpful. You get a good price for what you are buying and a really low rate of interest. And you can choose the length of time you need to pay over as well.”
“I previously used another weekly payment store — it was a real struggle and they were always on the phone chasing payments.”