“There’s no catch! The customer service at Fair For You is second to none. It was all very quick and very simple.”
— Janette

Thank you Fair For You!

I needed a dishwasher for Christmas as I had family coming over for Christmas dinner. I knew that I would struggle as I had invasive surgery on my back nine months ago and although I am a lot better than I was prior to having the operation I still struggle to stand for long periods at a time. I also struggle to walk any distance without assistance and I am still experiencing a great deal of pain when I have done too much in a day.

The thought of standing up all day cooking and then clearing up after filled me with dread. My budget was already stretched due to all the additional costs of Christmas and therefore I had resigned myself to fact that I would have to be without a dishwasher for Christmas and would struggle on as best as I could. I had been discussing this prospect with a family member and they had suggested that I checked the Fair for You website to see whether or not this could be a solution for me.

I went onto the website via my smartphone and made my application during my lunch break whilst at work. I found the website very easy to use, the products are from a high quality brand and are actually reasonably priced. I had chosen the product and applied for my loan on the 21st December and my brand new dishwasher was delivered on Christmas Eve morning and the old dishwasher had been taken away. Fabulous!

I had opted to take a loan over a six month period, but I do intend to pay this off over three months. One of things I have to say makes me really happy is that I can actually repay my loan early without any additional charges. There’s no catch! The customer service at Fair for You is second to none! It was all very quick and very simple. I would happily recommend Fair for You to anyone.

Well done Fair for You! And once again, Thank you!

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“When I saw your site I phoned my mum! I called a couple people and said look, if you need anything, these people are decent.”
“Applying to Fair for you was extremely simple. Non complex forms, everything explained in black and white. Everything nice and clear.”
“I can’t fault them at all. It was all done very quickly, and they were very helpful. You get a good price for what you are buying and a really low rate of interest. And you can choose the length of time you need to pay over as well.”