“If Fair for You hadn’t been available I'd have had no choice but to pay over the odds again with another weekly payment store”
— John

John, partially deaf after the removal of a brain tumour, and also has spinal problems.

John is living with his wife, Karen, who is waiting for a hip replacement.

John had previously used another weekly payment store to get a cooker and a tumble dryer. However, the cooker was now on its way out and John was aware that he had been charged a lot of money for the tumble dryer, “paying well in excess of £900 for an item that should ‘probably have only cost about £200”. He had never missed a payment with the weekly payment store, but found it “heartbreaking that he had paid out so much in interest.”

The cooker needed an urgent replacement, as he and his wife were getting very anxious that they wouldn’t be able to eat properly. If Fair for You hadn’t been available he would have had no choice but to “pay over the odds again with another weekly payment store”, who he describes as “greedy”.

While he was getting the cooker, he also used Fair for You to get a new kettle, which was “falling to pieces”. He describes his new products as being “absolutely perfect” and is “99% certain” that he “won’t be using another weekly payment store again.”

He rated us “10 out of 10 for ease of use, friendliness, and value for money”.

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Zena's freezer stopped working so she was missing out on good deals on food but couldn't afford to use other weekly payment stores as they were so expensive. Fair for You helped her get an affordable loan for a brand new fridge freezer.
When Susan's oven needed replacing she was pleased to find she could get an affordable loan from Fair for You with none of the hassle she'd experienced with other weekly payment stores.
“When I saw your site I phoned my mum! I called a couple people and said look, if you need anything, these people are decent.”
“Applying to Fair for you was extremely simple. Non complex forms, everything explained in black and white. Everything nice and clear.”
“I can’t fault them at all. It was all done very quickly, and they were very helpful. You get a good price for what you are buying and a really low rate of interest. And you can choose the length of time you need to pay over as well.”